Custom Automation Design

Modular, Flexible and Adaptable Designs

Our design review begins and ends with your lab process. We are vendor agnostic and our goal is to design a system that is flexible and achieves your goals without being locked into a certain vendors product.

Components are easy to re-purpose and adapt to other lab protocols when the time comes, saving you both time and money.

Robust and Relaible

We also aim to design systems that are as robust and relaible as they are easy to use. Systems that are too complex for you to quickly use are things of the past. Downtime is also minimzed with fast, local support available 24/7 via phone, text or e-mail.

Ergonomic and Efficient

Ergonomic design helps scientists work more comfortably and efficiently. A simple to use interface minimizes the amount of user input needed to run a process. For the advanced users a full featured scheduling interface is only a click away.

Personalized attention to system design allows us to design a system that works for you. Whether you're looking for a fast and easy to use lab process or a full featured automation setup we are able to configure a design that fits your needs.

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Affordable Design and Adaptable Configurations

Don't Be Held Back

Don't be held back by "in the box" thinking. Custom designs are within your reach and can often cost less than "off-the-shelf" products and solutions currently on the market.

Custom Designs

We have the capability to design hotels, stackers, mounting plates and accessories in custom configurations. No need for a 30 plate stacker when your process only calls for 20! If it makes sense to hang a collaborative robot arm from the roof we can do it.

Optimized Designs

With an optimized design you can maximize the working envelope of your robot arm in relation to the instruments and plate storage. From simple pick-n-place bases to plate carousels, maximize your protocols throughput with the best solution.

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